How is your summer going?

Everything going pretty good here.   Working my candle business every chance I get.  Exciting to go to our annual Convention soon and meet all my upline leaders and mentors!

What is going on in your life this summer?  Any great vacations planned?

Would love to hear from you!   Drop me a note sometime :)





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Have a great day!


Alison Boers

Mia Bella Distributor



Have you heard about Jamberry Nails??

Find awesome nail art at a fraction of the cost of the salon! Close to 400 designs for whatever srikes your fancy!Each sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps will do 2-3 mani’s or pedi’s, lasting 2-3 weeks on fingers and up to six weeks on toes! Non Toxic and made in the USA! Also chec out our new line of amazing salon quality lacquers!


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ViSalus Sciences proudly makes a positive impact on Life, Health, and Prosperity worldwide every day thanks to a thriving community of passionate people. The company’s Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge combines leading health products with the support to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, save money along the way, and win from millions in prizes every year.

Since launching in 2005, the company has strived to achieve the best of the three principles that define its very name – “Vi” being the root for Life, and “Salus” representing Health and Prosperity.

ViSalus provides memorable and lasting Life experiences for people on the Body by Vi Challenge through amazing vacations, personal development opportunities, and lifelong friendships formed at events, parties, and homes each and every day.

Through the Body by Vi Challenge and the products that support it, ViSalus provides life-transforming Health benefits from weight loss and fitness milestones, to better overall health and wellness to enjoy life to the fullest.

Because the mission is to fight to improve world health and combat obesity is so core to the ViSalus mission, the company makes it a priority to ensure Prosperity for those who Promote the Body by Vi Challenge through millions of dollars in annual bonuses, incentives, and rewards. Because Prosperity is nothing without the ability to give back, the company’s Body by Vi Community Challenge is quickly approaching 1 million meals donated to children and families in need.


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Alison Boers

Mia Bella Diamond Distributor


Home Business Idea! Have you heard about Lilla Rose?

Hi, I’m Deni!

As a stay at home mom I have been looking for ways to provide additional income to my family. I have found many things I love, but have had a hard time finding something that TRULY FIT ME PERSONALLY… that is, until I found Lilla Rose! Ever since I was little I have always had long hair that everyone just loved to play with. Even as an adult people still play with my hair. I have to admit that while I’m not your typical girly-girl, and you won’t catch me wearing make up, I love playing with my hair, too! Though having long thick hair can be a lot of work, with Lilla Rose, I can let IT work for ME by showing off these BEAUTIFUL and functional accessories and I still get to play! Put YOUR hair to work and come PLAY with me!